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Interview with Maor Haas (Team Israel)

If you weren’t a footvolley player?

I would be a yoga instructor

What is your highest achievement in the EFVL?

EFVL champion – Schwäbisch Gmünd

What is your career highlight off the field?

Winning the israel footvolley league 2022

Who is your favorite footvolley player in the whole world?

Eduardo Papel

Who taught you to play footvolley?

The legandary Omri Cohen

When was your first official tournament and with whom?

Groningen with Oren Tzuberi

Which European player would you like to compete with in the EFVL round?

Janito – spain

What song do you listen to in your headphones before going to an important game?

Life is life

A sentence or quote that accompanies you all your life?

Be good (gal hofu levi)

What would you take with you to a desert island?


A message to the footvolley world?

The future is pink

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